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Behavior Matrix

William Green School-Wide Teaching Matrix
School-wide Behavior Expectations Lunch Area 
Level 0-3 Voices
Level 0-3 Voices
Level 0-1 Voices
Level 0 Voices
Stay Safe • Always walk     
• Hands to self
• Remain seated until dismissed
• Keep self to self
• Stay in supervised area
• Use equipment properly
• Keep self to self
• Wash your hands
• Report issues to staff
• Pay attention to others around you
• Walk at all times
Own Your Actions • Leave area clean
• Report problems to staff
• Use polite voices
• Stay in straight lines

• Follow directions
• Report problems to staff
• Return equipment when finished
• Use bathroom

and drink water before the bell

• Use water and paper wisely
• Throw away your trash
• Have permission to be in hallway
• Noise level 0
Act with Kindness • Use Table Manners
• Be Polite to Staff
• Raise your hand when you need help
• Include others
• Share turns
• Use kind words
• Use inside voices
• Always flush the toilet
• Honor privacy
• Wait your turn
• Show courtesy to others
• Honor others' personal space
Ready to Learn • Make Healthy Choices
• Return to line ready to learn
• Return to line ready to learn • Quietly return to class
• Promptly return to work
• Get where you need to be, on time