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Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities at Green

At Green, we have many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. Please contact our Community Liaison to volunteer.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • E-Store Volunteers - At William Green, we host a monthly event called the E-Store, where students have the opportunity to purchase fidget toys, special passes and special events sponsored by the PTA. Our school social worker oversees this enjoyable event, providing all students with the chance to participate. We are in need of parent volunteers to assist during this time. Volunteer duties include setting up the items for students to view, retrieving E-Money from students after they have made their selections, and helping students count their money while managing the crowd.


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

The district has established volunteer guidelines to provide for an effective program that ensures a safe environment for you, the children, and our staff. We are extremely appreciative of our community resources and thank you for providing your precious time, individual talents, and expertise as a school volunteer.

Please ensure to review the Volunteer Handbook and Forms and contact our Community Liaison.