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Grades of Green


Trash Free Lunch Challenge

Our school is participates in a program called the Trash Free Lunch Challenge!

Our goal is to reduce the amount of trash that we produce each day during lunch. Rather than having students put all of our waste in landfill, we are also providing a recycling barrel, a compost bucket (for fruit and vegetable scraps), and a liquid bucket (which gets washed down the drain).

Students also receive a box in which to place foam lunch trays, which are then recycled. We will be competing against other schools in the area to see which school can do the best job of reducing landfill. The Grades of Green team came to our school to provide a fun assembly, and to train our students on the new lunch time sorting station.So far our students are doing a great job!

We have many students who have joined the Green Team, and are volunteering their time to help make sure other students put their waste in the correct place. Some of the students have been voluntarily giving up their recess time to make banners encouraging everyone to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

At William Green, our students are truly learning to go green!

Learn more about Grades of Green here.


Grades of Green