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Faculty & Staff Directory

Please contact the office at (310) 370-3585 for any general questions about the school including absences, instructional calendar, volunteering, etc.
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Kindergarten Teachers

Irene Cervantes (TK)  
Marisol Cueva  
Angela Dellacamera  
Elizabeth Master  

First Grade

Lindsay Wynott  
Monica Flores  
Erin Chavez  
Laurie Bongard  

Second Grade

Eden Samonte  
Vicky Heinemann  
Tiffany Moore  
Katherine Jackson  

Third Grade 

Carrie Gelman  
Heather Shelton-Rich  
Thyda Kol  
Elsa Morales  

Fourth Grade

Amanda Krick  
Silvia Mendoza  
Caroline Shin  

Fifth Grade

Shawna Hazzard (4/5 combo)  
Billy Beaumont  
Jane Simpson  

Teacher Specialists

Elizabeth "Liz" Ramos, LAS  
Vacant - ELIRT  
Alina Neal, Math TOSA  

Preschool Office 

Isabel Mendoza, Teacher  

Administration Office 

Laura Quane, Principal  
Rick Barclay, Int Assistant Principal  
Maria Galindo, Office Manager  
Mireya Alvizo, Attendance Clerk  
Trudy Cimino, School Clerk (8-12pm)  
Maria Trejo, Health Clerk  


Michelle Rangel, RAP AM Supervisor   
Elena Hernandez Moreno, RAP PM Supervisor  

Special Education

Stella Yin, School Psychologist   
Shaana Berman, Behavior Analyst  
Shannon Schwerdtfeger, Speech LP  
Erika Wurz, Speech LP  

Learning Center

Melissa Murillo, Learning Center  
Wilbert Ortiz, Learning Center  

Library Media Center

Eduviges "Lucy" Caridad  
Vito Degli Eredi  

Tech Support Specialist

Erick Madrid  

P.E Team

Marlene Sandoval  

Social Worker

Jessica Duarte   

Community Liaison

Sarai Cuevas, Community Liaison  


Christopher "Khai" Truong  
Bob Beasley  
Dean Horne  


Stephanie Meseraull  

Support Staff

Larry Fujimoto, LC  
Brenda Madrid, LC  
Wiseley Tang, RBT